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Car batteries - what you need to know

Avoid an unexpected car battery replacement. Find out how long your car battery should last and the warning...

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Continental celebrates 50 years of tyre tests with driverless vehicles

Incredibly the first electronically controlled driverless cars debuted to a frenzy of media interest in 1968

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Latest Tyres

Find a BFGoodrich tyre that will take you anywhere.

Looking for the best range of BFGoodrich tyres for your 4WD, SUV or passenger car? Learn more at BestDrive!

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Considering All Terrain Tyres?

All Terrain tyres offer a compromise to SUV and 4WD owners looking for a balance between on and off-road capabilities.

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Latest Mechanical

Battery maintenance - simple advice to follow.

Learn how simple it is to care for, and maintain, your car battery with BestDrive.

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Why brake servicing and maintenance are vital to your safety.

Your car’s brake system is central to your safety. Braking issues should be handled by a professional technician.

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Latest Videos

The Wolf Mustang GT Supercharger, Ford Mustang V8-Supercharger

Equipped with 21" Continental SportContact 6 tyres, the Wolf Mustang GT dominated at Continental Papenburg 3,000.

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The Continental SportContact 6 Tyre wins the Motor Tyre Test 2018

Continental has established itself as the brand to beat at the Motor Tyre Test, winning two years in a row.

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The MTM R8 Supercharged Audi R8 V10-Supercharger

Equipped with 20" Continental SportContact 6 tyres, this supercharged Audi R8 reached 0-100km/hour in 2.9 seconds.

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