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Do you want a more environmentally friendly car?

3 easy ways to make your car more environmentally friendly.

A new year often brings new resolutions. For some, this may include the desire to live more sustainably. How can you include your vehicle in this resolution? Here, we explore 3 simple ways in which you can make your car more environmentally friendly.

Adhere to regular vehicle services

A regularly serviced car will not only improve vehicle performance and safety, it will also help the environment. A well maintained vehicle will consume less fuel and therefore help to minimise your carbon emissions as the engine will not be working overtime to keep your vehicle running. Not only this, but it will potentially save you money in the long run as regular servicing can prevent more costly, and unnecessary, repairs later on.
The kind of service your vehicle requires may depend on the type of vehicle you drive. When was the last time you had your car serviced? If you aren’t sure, you can refer to your owner’s manual for assistance.
The experienced technicians at your local BestDrive can advise and provide you with a service that meets the specific needs of your vehicle. We also offer Openpay on vehicle servicing, which means that you can maintain regular servicing intervals and pay for it over a period of time, interest free (conditions apply).