All our stores in Sydney are “Covid safe registered” and open for business, Please call 1300 266 844 to book an appointment

All our stores in Sydney are “Covid safe registered” and open for business, Please call 1300 266 844 to book an appointment

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Do I Need a Vehicle Safety Inspection?

Regular vehicle safety inspections are vital to on-road safety and car health.

What is a Vehicle Safety Inspection?

When you book your car, SUV, 4WD or other vehicle in for a safety inspection at your local BestDrive, a technician will complete a thorough visual inspection. In particular they will pay close attention to the core safety and road worthiness of your vehicle.
A vehicle safety inspection is intended to identify any issues with your vehicle that have the potential to become a major safety concern. It could also be considered as preventative maintenance, as it aims to limit the impact of safety concerns or downtime due to maintenance repairs and upkeep.
If there are any areas that may be unsafe or due for replacement, these will be identified and recorded in a report. You will then be notified of both existing issues and potential issues concerning the safety and function of your vehicle. Our technicians will provide you with expert advice or recommendations as to how you are best to deal with these issues and can provide you with a quote for future work.
Technician inspecting tyres as part of a vehicle safety inspection on a passenger car.

When do I need a Vehicle Safety Inspection?

The legislation regarding vehicle safety inspections varies from state to state. If you are unsure, you can contact your local BestDrive store for advice. In some states you are legally required to do a vehicle safety inspection at certain times, such as when buying or selling a vehicle.
Regardless of whether or not you are required to complete a vehicle safety inspection by law, you may want to consider having one completed when:
  • You intend to take a long road trip
  • Buying or selling a vehicle
  • Planning to tow a caravan or trailer for the first time
  • The warranty on your vehicle is about to expire
You may also want to consider a vehicle safety inspection if you drive an older vehicle, or simply know that your vehicle is due for some attention as it can help ensure vehicle safety. A vehicle safety inspection can help to identify hidden problems that may be impacting on the safety and function of your vehicle.
Technician speaking with customers in the workshop.

What’s Involved in a Vehicle Safety Inspection?

A standard vehicle safety inspection typically involves the following checks:
  • Wheels
  • Tyres - tread wear, age and condition
  • Lamps and reflectors - function as expected
  • Windscreens, windows and wipers
  • Steering and suspension
  • Brake pads
  • Exhaust and emission control
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Vehicle body and chassis - for rust, corrosion and damage

At BestDrive, we aim to provide you with peace of mind and a safer journey before any long trip. Contact your local BestDrive store for more information.
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