All our stores in Sydney are “Covid safe registered” and open for business, Please call 1300 266 844 to book an appointment

All our stores in Sydney are “Covid safe registered” and open for business, Please call 1300 266 844 to book an appointment

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Air Filters

Did you know that your vehicle most likely has at least two air filters? One for your engine, and one for you. Whilst these air filters are very similar in shape, and both purify air - they have very different roles to perform whilst operating. It's important to know the difference between these and to know when it's a good time to replace or maintain them.

The internal combustion filter is the last line of defence for your engine. Your engine won't run without air, which is why this filter is designed to filter the air flowing through to your engine. Contaminants such as dust, and other airborne particles, are trapped in the filter in your vehicle's air intake as you drive. Without a filter, these contaminants would end up in your engine's cylinders causing serious damage.

Not only does this filter protect your engine but it also improves performance, as purified air ignites more quickly and efficiently inside the engine's cylinders. It also generally applies that the higher the quality of the air filter, the better performance you'll get from your engine. This results in a longer life expectancy and a better driving experience overall.

New and maintained internal cabin air filters offer both safety and health benefits. Often attached to the intake and ventilation system, these filters are high in filtration and are also known as air conditioning filters. These filters work to filter out all the bad and unwanted pollutants that you may come across while driving, including mould, pollen, dust and other airborne bacteria.

During a routine oil change by your mechanic at BestDrive, your vehicle engines' air filter is typically replaced - a generally inexpensive procedure.

Cabin filters are typically located behind the glove box, elsewhere in the dashboard or under the hood. If you are unsure, check your vehicle's manual for its location. It's important to regularly change the filters for both the engine and cabin, as similarly to the air filters in your home, they are vulnerable to health risks such as mould.

A filter replacement every 30 000 kilometres, or once a year, is recommended for most passenger vehicles. Your vehicle handbook will detail recommendations for your particular vehicle. This ensures the cleanest air for the engine and the best possible air for your cabin.

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