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Demystifying Suspension

Maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s suspension system is a must when it comes to ensuring a safe and comfortable drive.

Your vehicle’s suspension is made up of many parts - it connects your vehicle to its wheels and allows for relative motion between the two. Whilst the design of suspension systems vary, most include various combinations of a chassis or frame, coil springs, leaf springs, dampers, which include struts and shock absorbers, and anti-sway or torsion bars.

The chassis or frame is the main structure of the vehicle to which all other components are fastened to. Coil and leaf springs absorb the vertical forces ensuring that, amongst other things, the tyres remain firmly on the road at all times. Dampeners such as struts and shock absorbers control unwanted spring motion, and in vehicles that have an anti-sway or torsion bar, this assists in levelling out side-to-side motions whilst cornering. Torsion or anti-sway bars are particularly important in high-profile vehicles that are considered top-heavy, such as 4WDs.

The primary function of any vehicle’s suspension is to keep all four tyres in firm and constant contact with the road, which allows your steering, driving and braking systems to remain effective across most terrains. If your suspension isn’t up to the task, any occurrence that results in broken, or significantly reduced contact with the road, compromises your ability to drive, steer and brake.

Your suspension needs regular checks to ensure that it’s all in prime working order. Remember that when any one part becomes worn, your suspension system becomes unsafe and ineffective.

Indicators that your suspension may need servicing include:
  • Vehicle dips forward when braking 
  • Vehicle does not sit level when parked 
  • Experiencing a lot of bouncing when driving 
  • Excessive body rolls on corners 
  • Signs of unusual tread wear on your tyres 
  • Shock absorbers are leaking fluid 

It is ill advised to leave your suspension unchecked for extended periods of time as this may lead to unfortunate, and completely avoidable, accidents. To help maintain optimum functioning of your suspension, a thorough inspection should be performed at every service, and prior to commencing any long journey.

When you have your suspension serviced at a BestDrive service centre, you can experience peace of mind that your vehicle has less likelihood of:
  • Decreased handling and braking performance 
  • Decreased control 
  • Decreased wear of tyres (prolonging the tyre life) 
  • Ride/comfort issues 
  • Less vibration in steering 
  • Decreased contact between the tyre and the road  

Each BestDrive store that offers suspension servicing has qualified technicians, specialising in a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Our regular training programs and partnerships with some of the best shock absorber, struts, springs and replacement suspension parts manufacturers, including OEM, means that not only are we your best choice for tyres, we’re your best choice for suspension servicing too.

BestDrive. You drive, we care.

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