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Windscreen and Wiper Maintenance

Driver visibility is fundamental to safe driving - if you’re experiencing smears and blurs on your windscreen, it’s likely that your wiper blades need replacing.

Wiper maintenance is simple and maximises visibility, reliability and efficiency. Your wiper blades should be in good working order prior to those moments when they are required.

Wiper blades require replacing every six to twelve months. They deteriorate over time, through use, as well as environmental factors. Stress caused by extreme temperatures, water and constant exposure to UV radiation from the sun all take their toll on your wiper blades.

There are some simple maintenance steps that you can take to ensure that you are getting the most life out of your wiper blades.

Dirt and grime, such as tree sap, sand, mud and dust can build up on the rubber of your blades, causing them to prematurely erode - leaving smears on your vehicle’s windshield. Cleaning them with a damp cloth every three months can assist in removing this build up and extend their life-span. A good way to remember when to do this is to do so at the beginning of each season, or at least the change to and from daylight savings. You should also avoid using your wiper blades to remove ice and frost from your windscreen in the colder months. Instead, it is advisable to use an ice scraper.
Wiper blades that no longer make correct contact with the windshield surface will begin to squeak, chatter, skip, smear or streak - all impacting on your visibility as a driver. Common issues with your vehicle’s wiper blades and the reasons that they occur are:

  • Skipping - a permanent curve in the rubber as a result of infrequent use 
  • Wearing - excessive use, or simply the general age of the wiper blade 
  • Splitting - typically found on old blades as a result of exposure to the sun’s UV rays 
  • Bent refill vertebra and frames - sometimes caused by automatic car washes, it creates an inconsistent contact pattern with the glass surface of the windshield, causing streaks 
As part of a general safety check at your nearest BestDrive store, we will assess the condition of your wiper blades and will look for issues that indicate the need for wiper blade replacement, including:
  • Frame arms that have become broken or detached at joints or connection points 
  • Metal corrosion, particularly at the joints and claws 
  • Visible cracks, tears and missing pieces 

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