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All our stores in Sydney are “Covid safe registered” and open for business, Please call 1300 266 844 to book an appointment

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How do I check my car headlights?

Person driving their car at night.

Here, we discuss car headlights. Are yours in proper working order?

Regular servicing and vehicle maintenance is an important part of car ownership. It keeps your vehicle running smoothly, performing at its best and keeps you, and your passengers, safe on the road.
Perhaps you are currently finding yourself spending a lot more time at home, with considerably more time on your hands. Did you know that there are some simple car maintenance procedures and checks that you can do at home to keep your car in good running order?

Is it time to replace my headlights?

Headlight bulbs are not made to last forever, which means that eventually, they will burn themselves out. If you have noticed that your car’s headlights are becoming dim, or that one is no longer working, now is the time to replace them.
Dim or burnt out headlight bulbs are a serious safety issue. It is important to have good visibility on the roads at all times. It is also important that other road users can see your car. If you are driving with only one working headlight, chances are, you could be illegally driving an unsafe car. You can consult with your local authorities to find out more information regarding broken headlights, which are specific to your state or territory.
Technician holding car headlight bulb.

What kind of headlight bulbs does my car use?

Before replacing the bulbs, it is important to know what kind of headlight bulbs your vehicle requires. Halogen bulbs are commonly used by vehicle manufacturers as standard original equipment. However, some vehicles will have Xenon or LED bulbs, which are both becoming more commonly used. If you are unsure what kind of headlight bulbs your vehicle uses, you can refer to your owner’s manual.

How do I check if my car headlights are working?

You can check the working order of your lights on your own by using a reflective surface such as glass or metal. However, if there is someone else who can stand outside your vehicle to check the lights for you, then this makes it an easier process.
While you’re checking that your car headlights are working properly, now is also a good time to check the other lights on your car. These should include:
Front lights:
  • parkers
  • low beam and high beam settings
  • fog or driving lights
  • indicators
Rear lights:
  • taillights
  • brake lights
  • indicators
  • reverse light
  • rear fog light (if applicable)

If you identify that any of these lights are not working, you should have them replaced immediately. Your local BestDrive store can assist you in finding suitable replacements.
Technician replacing car headlight.

What do I do if my headlights aren’t working?

If you identify that your headlights are not working as they should, it’s advisable to replace both bulbs at the same time. This is the best way to ensure that they last for the same duration. If one is no longer working, it is likely that the other has little life remaining.
The experienced technicians at your local BestDrive store can supply and fit suitable replacements that will give you the best visibility and value for your needs, whilst adhering to the recommendations specified in your owner’s manual.
If you are currently experiencing more time on your hands than usual, why not take the time to test the working order of your car headlights? Taking care of small issues before they become major safety concerns, will give you the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and performing as it should.
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