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5 benefits to maintaining wheel alignment.

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A wheel alignment is an essential maintenance service that offers many benefits.

Put simply, when yA wheel alignment is an essential maintenance service that offers many benefits.our tyres are correctly aligned, your car will handle better. However, wheel alignments are an often overlooked service by many. Here are 5 benefits to maintaining wheel alignment.

1. Improve your fuel efficiency.

When your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment, it causes the misaligned tyres to drag. This causes unnecessary strain on your vehicle’s engine as it works harder to propel forward, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption.
A wheel alignment aims to ensure that the angles of the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and that all wheels are parallel to each other and are therefore working together to maximise your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

2. Enjoy a smoother ride.

If your tyres are misaligned you may experience a sensation that the vehicle is pulling to the left or right. This can create an unpleasant driving experience, causing you to experience bumps, jarring and a vibrating steering wheel. Feeling a constant need to adjust your steering is both tiring and potentially dangerous.
When you have a wheel alignment, these issues may be resolved, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of a smoother ride and enhanced driver experience.

3. Enhance vehicle safety.

Misaligned wheels make steering increasingly difficult. This results in a lack of vehicle control and greatly reduces your safety. 
A wheel alignment will greatly improve driver safety by providing you with a vehicle that has safe and predictable handling characteristics.
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4. Avoid costly and unnecessary repairs later on.

Misaligned wheels cause premature wear to various components of your car, including the tyres, steering, suspension and brakes.
Uneven tread wear, hitting a particularly bad pothole or curb, vibrations felt through the steering wheel or a feeling that the car is pulling to the left or right, are all indicators that you may need a wheel alignment. If ignored, these symptoms could result in more expensive and unnecessary damage that you could have been otherwise avoided.
Spending a lesser amount of money on a wheel alignment can prevent these unnecessary and unwanted expenses.

 5. Increase the life of your tyres.

A wheel alignment can assist in prolonging the lifespan of your tyres. It aims to minimise the amount of wear and tear that your tyres receive and promotes even tyre wear.
You should have a wheel alignment whenever you have new tyres fitted, and at 10,000km intervals in conjunction with a tyre rotation, to maximise the life of your tyres. Always refer to your owner’s manual to check what your vehicle manufacturer recommends.
You can check your tyres for signs of uneven or premature wear, which may be an indicator that you have an alignment issue:
  • Feathering: the tread is worn on one side and sharp on the other. This can be the result of a combination of improper alignment settings.
  • Camber wear: the inside or outside edge of the tyre tread may appear more worn than the centre of the tread.
  • Head and toe wear: one side of individual tread blocks appears to be wearing down faster than the other (in your tyres rolling direction). This can result in an increase in tyre noise and vibration.
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If you have concerns that your vehicle may be in need of a wheel alignment, contact your local BestDrive store. Our service centres offer professional wheel alignment services, improving vehicle safety and performance, enhancing driver comfort and prolonging the lifespan of your tyres.
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