All our stores in Sydney are “Covid safe registered” and open for business, Please call 1300 266 844 to book an appointment

All our stores in Sydney are “Covid safe registered” and open for business, Please call 1300 266 844 to book an appointment

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Vehicle maintenance checks to do this Spring.

Car on road in Spring.

Spring is a great time to turn your attention to basic vehicle maintenance.

Throughout the colder winter months your vehicle can experience wear and tear, which may affect its overall performance. That makes Spring a great time to give your vehicle some basic maintenance checks to keep it in optimum condition.
Person checking the condition of a vehicle’s oil.

1. Oil and filter change

Don’t wait for the warning light to appear. Check your vehicle’s oil and filter.
This is a simple task that will assist in keeping your engine operating at its best. As your engine oil ages, it becomes less effective. If the oil appears dark in colour, has flecks in it or has a burnt smell then it is likely time for an oil change.
You can take a look in your owner’s manual to see if you have a recommended oil and filter change due then schedule one at your local BestDrive store.
Topping up a car’s engine coolant.

2. Check coolant levels

It’s essential that you keep your engine’s coolant properly maintained.
Coolant prevents the engine from:
  • overheating
  • corrosion damage
  • freezing in sub-zero temperatures
Engine coolant degrades over time, reducing its ability to perform effectively. Regular cooling system maintenance can avoid more costly issues later on, check when your car is due for a cooling system service by looking in your owner’s manual. The qualified technicians at your local BestDrive will ensure that your vehicle’s cooling system is running effectively.
Hand testing the temperature of a vehicle’s AC system.

3. Test the air conditioning (AC) system

As the weather warms up it is important to ensure that your air conditioning system is operating as it should to keep you and your passengers comfortable.
AC systems can be susceptible to leaks, which results in a gradual deterioration in its performance. A leaking AC system also causes it to work harder, which increases the amount of fuel used.
If you notice that your AC system isn’t blowing as cool as it should, this can be an indication that it needs to be regassed. 
You can locate when your vehicle is next due for an AC system service by looking in your owner’s manual. If your vehicle is due for an AC system service, you have noticed a leak or it isn’t working as it should, contact your local BestDrive store. Our authorised technicians can service your AC system and re-gas it as required.
Person adjusting tyre pressure.

4. Assess the overall condition of your tyres, pressure and tread

Conducting a visual inspection of your car tyres can help you to identify any potential issues that may need some attention. Taking the time to properly maintain your tyres assists in the performance and safety of your vehicle and promotes tyre longevity.
The key aspects to a visual tyre inspection should include:
  • Checking and adjusting tyre pressures. The recommended tyre pressures for your car can be found in your owner’s manual or on your vehicle placard.
  • Looking for visible signs of tyre damage including cuts, bulges, gouges and uneven wear.
  • Assess tread wear to ensure it meets the legal tread limit of 1.5mm. Suitable tread depth is essential for safe braking and effective water dispersion.
If you have any concerns about your tyres after conducting a visual inspection, contact your local BestDrive. Our qualified technicians can assess the external and internal condition of your car’s tyres and advise you of any necessary repairs or replacements.
Person holding a car light bulb in their hand.

5. Check all vehicle lights are working

Dim or burnt out lights on your vehicle are a serious safety concern. You should have good visibility on the roads at all times. It is also important that other road users can see you.
Check that all your vehicle’s lights are in working order. These should include:
Front lights:
  • Parkers
  • Low beam and high beam settings
  • Fog or driving lights
  • Indicators
Rear lights:
  • Taillights
  • Brake lights
  • Indicators
  • Reverse lights
  • Rear fog light (if applicable)
If you notice that any aren’t working, have them immediately replaced.
Person checking their car’s wiper blades.

6. Wipers and wiper fluid

Maintaining your car’s wiper blades is simple to do and greatly assists in driver visibility. During the colder weather they may have been under greater stress due to exposure to colder temperatures.
You should replace your wiper blades every 6 to 12 months. If you notice that your car’s wiper blades no longer make correct contact with the windshield surface or they appear split or bent, now may be the time to replace them.
Person testing a car battery.

7. Inspect the car battery

With some simple maintenance you can reduce the general wear to your car battery and ensure that you get the most out of it.
Monitor your battery for any visible signs of leaks, bulges or cracks. This can assist in identifying any issues early on and prevent unexpected car battery failure. If your car battery is more than 3 years old, BestDrive recommends having it tested.
Couple driving in a car.
Is your vehicle due for some maintenance? A regularly serviced vehicle is a good way to avoid more costly repairs further down the track. At BestDrive, we can give you peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and performing at its best.
BestDrive. You drive, we care.

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