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Can you replace only one tyre?

Technician replacing a car tyre.

Unfortunately, it can happen - you are faced with a tyre that cannot be repaired.

Perhaps your other tyres are in good condition. Does this mean that you replace only one tyre? Whilst it may seem as though this is a viable solution, replacing only one tyre can lead to serious issues.

What can be done if only one tyre needs replacing?

Ideally, you should always fit 4 new tyres at the same time. This will best ensure the safety of you and your passengers.
When you replace all 4 tyres at the same time, you are best situated to achieve:
  • Optimum vehicle handling
  • Ride comfort
  • Road traction
In circumstances where fitting 4 new tyres is simply not an option, you may consider replacing 2 tyres. Before making any decisions, always refer to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. When in doubt, contact your local BestDrive store to speak with one of our trusted professionals. We can advise you of the appropriate course of action to take to ensure vehicle safety.

What would happen if you only replaced one tyre?

If you were to replace only one tyre, it would have a different tread depth to your remaining 3 tyres. As a result, the acceleration, braking and cornering abilities of your tyres will differ. In instances where the tyre wear is significant between tyres it can have a negative impact on the overall performance and stability of your vehicle.
In addition to this, replacing only one tyre can also create problems with the electronic and mechanical systems in your vehicle as a result of the replacement tyre being noticeably different from the older tyres. This includes problems with the anti-lock brakes and traction control systems, which may experience difficulty in interpreting information from your tyres.

What happens if you replace two tyres?

If replacing all 4 tyres is not an option, you may replace 2 tyres. In this instance, you should ensure that the 2 new tyres are fitted to the rear axle. This will help to prevent aquaplaning and oversteer during wet road conditions.
You should never mix tread patterns across the same axle or install a new tyre on one side of the axle and leave a partially worn out tyre on the other side. The tyres may grip differently on road surfaces leading to a loss of control. This is particularly noticeable during braking and cornering.
When fitting only two new tyres, always aim to replace them with the matching brand and tread pattern. If you are unsure, always refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations or speak to a professional at BestDrive.
Family travelling in an SUV.
Buying new tyres, or replacing an unrepairable tyre doesn’t always occur at the best time. Don’t compromise on vehicle handling and most importantly - your safety. BestDrive offers Openpay, which means that you can manage the payment of new tyres over a selected period of time, completely interest free. This can enable you to buy the tyres you really need, rather than those that you can afford at the time.
BestDrive supplies and fits a range of tyres from leading, trusted brands including, Continental, Kumho and General Tire. Contact your local BestDrive store to speak with one of our professionals to see how we can be of assistance to you. We will help you to find the right tyre replacement for your vehicle to keep you safe on the roads.
BestDrive. You drive, we care.

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