All our stores in Sydney are “Covid safe registered” and open for business, Please call 1300 266 844 to book an appointment

All our stores in Sydney are “Covid safe registered” and open for business, Please call 1300 266 844 to book an appointment

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Mickey Thompson 4WD tyres for track and off-road.

Looking for AT or MT tyres built for the harshest off-road conditions?

BestDrive supply and fit a range of All Terrain (AT) and Mud Terrain (MT) Mickey Thompson tyres, designed to withstand the toughest of off-road tracks and terrains for your 4WD or SUV.
As a tyre brand, Mickey Thompson are known worldwide for their high performance 4WD tyres intended for the track and off-road. As a person, Mickey Thompson set more speed and endurance records than any other man in automotive history. His accolades include becoming the first American to break the 400mph (644km/ph) barrier. He then progressed from land speed records to win championships across a diverse range of auto racing categories, including track and dragster racing.
Mickey Thompson has been considered a leader within the tyre industry since 1963. From the very beginning, Mickey Thompson has been driven by innovation. Among the brand’s many tyre firsts, are:
  • Sidebiters: tread, which runs down the sidewall of a tyre to improve off-road performance
  • Kevlar-belted 4WD tyres: the Kevlar-belt provides a toughness and resilience to cuts and abrasions that are typically experienced when off-road
  • PowerPly: a carcass construction that aims to give the tyre a faster response time
4WD vehicle driving over rocky terrain.
If you are considering AT or MT tyres for your 4WD or SUV, that are designed to withstand the harshest of off-road terrain, then Mickey Thompson tyres are worth your consideration. Here, we take a closer look at just a few of the Mickey Thomspson tyres that are available at your local BestDrive.
Mickey Thompson Mickey All Terrain 38 tyre.

Mickey All Terrain 38

Featuring a new open, lateral and circumferential void tread pattern, particular silica based compound and a high tensile construction. This tyre is an excellent upgrade for your 4WD or SUV for traction and strength on all terrains.
  • Tie Bars - Link the tread blocks together adding to the tyre's high ride stability for a better driving response.
  • Angled Shoulder Scallops - By moving soft materials into the adjacent block and out of the tread, Angled Shoulder Scallops aid in the self-cleaning ability of the tyre and provides additional off-road traction.
  • Two-Pitch Sidebiter - Adds an aggressive look while breaking up the terrain for additional traction and aiding in sidewall protection.
  • Edge Chamfers and Variable Draft Angles - Provide an aggressive look while aiding in reducing stone retention to improve cut and chip resistance.
  • Generous Micro-Gauge Sipes - Angled to reduce the depth to the edge of the tread block means improved traction and handling, improved cut and chip resistance, providing great all-terrain traction.
  • Unique Silica Tread Compound - Formulated with the latest chemically-couples silica improves wet traction, handling and braking on-road, while aiding in cut and chip resistance for excellent treadwear.
  • High Tensile Light Truck Construction - The light truck construction sizes use high tensile cords and super-tensile steel belts leading to increases in the tyre's durability and with reduced weight, a lower rolling resistance and improved ride. *Also available in a SUV construction
Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 tyre.

Baja ATZ P3

The new ATZP3 heralds a new breed of performance in an all-terrain tyre as it combines unique design elements, technology and engineering. With that combination this tyre crosses between being an all-terrain and mud terrain tyre to give you the grip and performance when you need it while retaining remarkable on-road traction and low noise characteristics to get you down the road in comfort.
  • Bevelled Edges for reduced stone retention and improved cut-n-chip resistance.
  • Shoulder elements create a low Optimised Pitch Sequence which reduces noise frequency, allowing for a quiet ride and even wear.
  • Wide Open Lateral and Offset Circumferential grooves, provide biting edges, excellent off-road traction and self-cleaning while on-road clear water quickly.
  • Stone Ejector Ribs to help reduce stone retention and resist stone drilling.
  • Enhanced Buttress and Abrasion Resistant Rib design provide a rugged appearance and additional off-road traction as well as further protection against lug tearing.
  • Self-Cleaning, Alternating Shoulder Scallops help to provide additional off-road traction in soft or boggy conditions.
  • Carefully placed ultra-thin sipes help reduce stone retention and aid in cut-n-chip resistance maintaining all season performance for the life of the tread.
Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 tyre.

Baja MTZ P3

The new Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 is an incredible mud terrain tyre that’s been specially designed with a unique silica-reinforced tread compound for longer wear, enhanced wet weather capability, and superior cut and chip resistance. The Baja MTZ P3 tread also features siped tread lugs with variable draft angles for better traction and stone ejection, and angled shoulder scallops with mud pocket scoops for better traction in mud and loose soil.
  • New compound with improved cut and chip protection
  • Four-Pitch SideBiter Pattern breaks up terrain for additional traction and adds aggressive look
  • Sidewall is reinforced with Mickey Thompson’s 3-ply PowerPly™ technology
  • Decoupling Groove added to allow the tread to conform to irregular surfaces and to reduce heat buildup in a high flex zone
BestDrive is your local tyre expert. We offer a great range of quality tyres from leading brands, including Mickey Thompson, Continental and BFGoodrich suited to a range of vehicles, including 4WDs and SUVs. BestDrive also offers a range of tyre and mechanical services, including tyre rotations, wheel alignments, log book servicing and roadworthy certification.
Contact your local BestDrive store to find out more about our range of Mickey Thompson tyres to see if they are the right tyre for your vehicle and driving needs.
BestDrive. You drive, we care.

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