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Maximise the lifespan and performance of new tyres with a wheel alignment.

Mechanic fitting new tyres.

Purchasing new tyres can be a costly and timely exercise. Maximise tyre life and achieve optimal vehicle performance with a wheel alignment at your local BestDrive store.

Do new tyres need a wheel alignment?

New tyres alone will not eradicate some of the tyre wear issues that you may have experienced with your old tyres. A wheel alignment is one of the key maintenance services that can assist in prolonging the lifespan of your tyres. It aims to minimise the amount of wear and tear that your car’s tyres receive.
For this reason, it is highly recommended that you have a wheel alignment completed whenever you fit new tyres to maximise tyre life and achieve optimal vehicle performance.

Why is a wheel alignment important?

Maintaining proper wheel alignment can avoid unnecessary wear on your tyres, steering, suspension and brakes. It can also ensure that your car:
  • handles better
  • is safer and smoother to drive
  • offers greater fuel efficiency
Car with new tyres fitted in workshop.

What is a wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment is the measurement, analysis and adjustment of your vehicle’s steering and suspension angles. It makes sure that the wheels are aligned to factory specifications, using precise tools and machinery.
As every vehicle make is unique, there are different methods of adjustment. Ultimately however, a wheel alignment involves three main measurements. These are caster, camber and toe. These measurements have standards that a qualified BestDrive technician uses as targets of adjustment.
To the naked eye, your vehicle’s wheels may appear to be facing straight ahead but if the alignment is out by as little as one millimeter from the manufacturer’s recommendations, this may be enough to cause premature wear to your tyres.
Car having a professional wheel alignment.

When else might a car need a wheel alignment?

As already stated, you should have a wheel alignment completed whenever you are fitting new tyres.
Because wheels typically become unaligned over time however, there are other instances where your car may require a wheel alignment. These include:
  • If you notice uneven tread wear
  • You can feel the car pulling off to the left or right
  • Incidents such as hitting potholes or curbs
  • If you notice a vibration through the steering wheel, particularly when travelling at higher speeds
As a bare minimum, you should have a wheel alignment completed once a year. When done in conjunction with a tyre rotation, you can feel confident that you are maximising the life of your tyres.
A wheel alignment should always be performed by a qualified professional. If you are looking to have a new set of tyres fitted to your vehicle, the expert technicians at your local BestDrive store offer professional wheel alignment services. They aim to deliver superior driving control, comfort and safety.
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Maximise the lifespan and performance of new tyres with a wheel alignment.

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