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Continental tyres; reliability, performance and safety

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Find a terrific range of leading tyre brands for your passenger car, luxury SUV, 4WD or performance vehicle at your local BestDrive store.

Our tyres are suited to most makes and models and a range of driving applications. One of our best tyre brands is Continental, known for their outstanding quality, performance and commitment to safety.
Continental dates back to 1871, when it was founded in Hanover, Germany. Back then, their production line included soft rubber products, rubberised fabrics and solid tyres for carriages and bicycles. By 1898, Continental celebrated initial successes with their development and production of automobile pneumatic tyres, with a plain tread.
In 1904 they created the world’s first tyre with a tread pattern and several years on, they invented the detachable wheel rim for touring cars. To this day, Continental continues with its valued contributions within the industry. They place an emphasis on enhanced driving safety and global climate protection. In fact, it was Continental who first introduced an environmentally friendly tyre for passenger cars.
Today, Continental ranks among the top five automotive suppliers worldwide, which is why BestDrive supply and fit tyres from the Continental range, suited to a range of driving applications. From passenger cars through to luxury SUVs, 4WDs and performance vehicles - Continental tyres offer a range of tyres that deliver on reliability, performance and safety.
Continental pride themselves on rigorous testing and place value on further independent testing of their tyres in a range of conditions and surface types. This ensures that their products meet the highest safety standards.
Due to their reputation for outstanding quality and performance, you will often see Continental tyres fitted as original equipment on numerous European vehicles.

Our extensive range of Continental tyres includes:

Continental Conti4x4Contact tyre

For SUVs and Off-Road vehicles, the Conti4x4Contact offers comfortable driving on both the road and easy terrain.
  • This tyre is specifically designed for SUV vehicles. It ensures excellent noise levels and comfort in on road use.
  • The tread grooves provide good protection against aquaplaning.
  • Superb traction on-road and in moderate off-road conditions.
Continental Conticrosscontact LX 2 tyre
Conticrosscontact LX 2
Excellent handling on the road and light off-road use.
  • The tread pattern provides excellent handling and good braking properties on dry road surfaces.
  • The tread pattern also ensures short braking distances on wet road surfaces.
  • Reduced noise emissions result in a high level of driving comfort.
  • The contour of the Conticrosscontact LX 2 distributes the pressure between the tyre and the road surface evenly, leading to high mileage.
  • As a result of the tread pattern, this tyre offers drivers outstanding traction in light off-road conditions.
Continental Contipremiumcontact 2 tyre
Contipremiumcontact 2
A revolutionary tread design with 3-D groove technology providing great benefits that result in an enjoyable and comfortable driving experience for most upmarket mid-sized and luxury vehicles.
  • 3-D groove technology that disperses water more efficiently thus providing excellent protection against aquaplaning
  • Outstanding braking performance in both wet and dry conditions. The even pressure distribution ensures very short braking distances.
  • Excellent resistance to aquaplaning
  • Precise handling and unbeatable driving stability
BestDrive provides customers with exceptional customer service and competitive prices on passenger tyres, light truck tyres, off-road tyres and ultra-high performance tyres, including the Continental tyre range.
Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can provide you with the best advice on new tyres. Call into your local BestDrive store, or give them a call, to find the best tyres to suit your vehicle and driving needs.
BestDrive. You drive, we care.

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