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Kumho tyres; quality, safety and innovation

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BestDrive is your Australian premium tyre retailer. We pride ourselves on supplying and fitting a great range of leading tyre brands.

At your local BestDrive store, you will now find an extensive range of Kumho tyres to suit your passenger car, luxury SUV, 4WD or performance vehicle. We are confident that we have a Kumho tyre to suit your make, model and driving application.
Kumho tyres have been in Australia for more than 30 years. With a global presence across 180 countries, they are ranked as one of the top ten tyre companies in the world.
They have five research and development centres located throughout Europe, South Asia and North America. Their tyres are known for their commitment to quality, safety and innovation. This is reflected by the number of well respected and popular vehicle manufacturers who choose Kumho tyres as their Original Equipment (OE) tyres. These include Holden, Hyundai, Kia, BMW and Volkswagen.
Producing over 68 million tyres every year, Kumho has a tyre option worth your consideration.
Here, we take a closer look at some of the tyres on offer at BestDrive in the Kumho Ecsta range.
Kumho’s Ecsta range of tyres offer both value and quality. Providing high performance and smooth handling, the Ecsta tyre range has a tyre to suit most sedans, sports cars, luxury SUVs and 4x4s.
 Kumho Ecsta HM KH31 tyre.
Kumho Ecsta HM KH31
The Ecsta HM KH31 is a well balanced efficient performer.
  • Well balanced, efficient performance
  • Asymmetric pattern
  • Improved hydroplaning performance
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Crisp handling

Kumho Ecsta HS51 tyre.
Kumho Ecsta HS51
The Solus HS51 (Ultra High Performance) offers both cutting edge tread design and high-tech compound. This delivers on both comfort and high performance.
  • Precision handling and braking combined with smoothness and quietness
  • High technology material & compound is applied to maximise the driving performance
  • Solid rib tyre design improves wet braking
  •  Centralised ribbed pattern design of wide lateral grooves creates reinforced block stiffness
  • The tread pattern design has four wide linear grooves, which improves water displacement performance
  • Handling performance has been improved thanks to a strengthened shoulder block
  • A groove notch has been added to improve performance while cornering in wet
Kumho Ecsta KH11 tyre.
Kumho Ecsta KH11
A Grand Touring tyre designed for sports coupes and sporty sedans. It was developed to provide a unique blend of ride comfort, noise qualities and responsive handling, while providing very good traction on wet and dry roads.
  • High levels of steering response
  • Enhanced wet traction
  • Continuous sport performance with luxury
  • Incorporates a more effective rim protector
  • Adopts race-proven tyre technology
  • Special silica compound for wet performance

BestDrive is your local tyre expert. We offer an extensive range of leading tyre brands, including Kumho tyres. Our experienced technicians can advise you on a suitable Kumho tyre for your vehicle to meet your driving needs. We also provide a range of tyre related services, including tyre fitment and repair services, professional wheel alignment, wheel balancing services and rigorous all round vehicle safety checks.
BestDrive. You drive, we care.

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