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Considering All Terrain Tyres?

4WD fitted with AT tyres off-road.

If you own an SUV or 4WD, now is the time to consider All Terrain tyres.

What is an All Terrain tyre?

All Terrain (AT) tyres are a great option for SUV and 4WD owners who are looking for a tyre that provides a balance between off-road capabilities and everyday sealed road use.
They are primarily intended for on-road use but have the capability to perform light-off road duties. This can make them a good option for those who drive predominantly in an urban environment but also like to take their vehicle off-road on gravel roads and dirt tracks for some light-off road weekend adventures.
SUV fitted with AT tyres driving in the city.

What are the key characteristics of an All Terrain tyre?

The tread on an AT tyre is deeper and more aggressive than that of Highway Terrain (HT) tyre. This provides greater grip in off-road conditions. It does also mean that they tend to generate more noise than an HT tyre. However, if noise levels are a factor for you, there are low-noise AT tyre options available in the market, which are worth your consideration.
AT tyres are stronger than an HT tyre. This means that they are less susceptible to punctures and damage experienced off-road, caused by common hazards such as rocks, tree roots and ruts. Their stronger sidewalls also make them capable of carrying heavier loads and running at higher pressures when compared to an HT tyre.
AT tyres typically have a moderate speed symbol and load index. When purchasing an AT tyre, it’s important to be aware that the strength, quality and tread pattern styles can vary amongst tyre manufacturers. Always do your research to ensure that the AT tyre you opt for, is the right one for your driving needs. The qualified and knowledgeable staff at your local BestDrive store are ready to assist with all your AT tyre enquiries.