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The BRABUS Rocket 900, Mercedes Benz S-Class V12-Buturbo

Equipped with 21" Continental SportContact 6 tyres, was the fastest rear wheel drive vehicle at Continental Papenburg 3,000, reaching 0-100km/hour in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 340.4km/hour after 3,000 meters.

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Continental - When German Engineering Counts

With over 140 years of German Engineering, Continental tyres stand for precision, perfection and efficiency.

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The Continental SportContact 6 Tyre wins the Motor Tyre Test 2018

Continental has established itself as the brand to beat at the Motor Tyre Test, winning two years in a row.

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Kumho tyres; quality, safety and innovation

Looking for the best range of Kumho tyres for passenger cars through to luxury SUVs, 4WDs and performance vehicles?

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