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The AC Schnitzer ACS4 Sport, BMW M4 Compeition R6-Biturbo

Equipped with 20" Continental ContiSport contact 5 PRO1 tyres, the BMW reached 0-100km/hour in 4,0 seconds and a top speed of 297.7km/hour after 3,000 meters at the Continental Papenburg 3,000. 

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Continental - When Braking Counts

Continental knows braking, even before you brake, your Continental Tyres have been tried, and rigorously tested.

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The MTM R8 Supercharged Audi R8 V10-Supercharger

Equipped with 20" Continental SportContact 6 tyres, this supercharged Audi R8 reached 0-100km/hour in 2.9 seconds.

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Can you replace only one tyre?

Whilst it may seem a viable solution, replacing only one tyre on your car can lead to serious issues.

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