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The AC Schnitzer ACS4 Sport, BMW M4 Compeition R6-Biturbo

Equipped with 20" Continental ContiSport contact 5 PRO1 tyres, the BMW reached 0-100km/hour in 4,0 seconds and a top speed of 297.7km/hour after 3,000 meters at the Continental Papenburg 3,000. 

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Continental - When Technology Counts

With over 140 year's of experience in R&D and innovation, Continental brings out the best drive your vehicle can offer.

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Falken Drift Highlights

Watch the highlights from round three of Formula Drift 2017 from Road Atlanta, where James Deane took the win.

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Tyre Maintenance

Getting the best life and performance out of your tyres is largely achieved through regular checks and maintenance.

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