All our stores in Sydney are “Covid safe registered” and open for business, Please call 1300 266 844 to book an appointment

All our stores in Sydney are “Covid safe registered” and open for business, Please call 1300 266 844 to book an appointment


Save time and expense of costly repairs by having your vehicle’s brakes, including brake fluid, pads, shoes and rotors, checked at regular intervals.

For your vehicle’s brakes to be effective, they need to be clean, adjusted properly and not too worn. When BestDrive attend to your vehicle’s brake system, we ensure that you leave feeling confident in the safety of your vehicle’s braking system and with a clear understanding of what repairs were undertaken and why.

A vehicle’s brakes involve an intricate system of interrelated parts and components to form a critical safety system. BestDrive technicians are expertly trained to ensure that your vehicle’s brakes are in good working order.

Brake pads and brake rotors are classified as wear items. You should have your vehicle’s brake system regularly inspected by the professionals at your nearest BestDrive and replaced as necessary.

Brake fluid is another part of the system that needs regular maintenance. Over time, moisture can be absorbed into the fluid from the atmosphere. This means that the boiling point of the fluid is reduced, and can lead to corrosion of brake system components. Heat from braking can also cause fluid with too much water in it to boil, which can result in sudden and unexpected brake failure. Most manufacturers recommend changing a vehicles brake fluid every two years, regardless of how many kilometers the vehicle has travelled. BestDrive technicians will monitor your brake fluid and can change the brake fluid as per the manufacturers recommendations or every two years.

The warning signs of a poor performing brake system remain the same, regardless of the varying components from make to make. If you experience any of the below warning indicators, contact BestDrive to arrange an inspection of your brake system.

  • A change in the feel of the brake pedal (soft, spongy, hard or low pedal)

  • Vehicle takes longer to stop than normal

  • Losing grip on the road when braking

  • Grinding or squealing noises

  • Steering wheel shuddering

  • Pulses in the brake pedal

  • Vehicle is veering to either side

Brakes at BestDrive

Given how central your vehicle’s brake system is to your safety, all inspections, services and repairs should be strictly conducted by a qualified technician. You simply can’t afford to make any mistakes. Your brakes are not only responsible for stopping the car, but they also help you decelerate when going downhill, help in avoiding collisions and keep your vehicle stationary when not being used.

Just some of the services offered across BestDrive stores include:

  • Brake pad changing

  • Disc and drum machining

  • Shoe replacement for drums

  • Brake fluid changing and bleeding

  • Caliper overhauls

  • Braking upgrades and performance products

BestDrive stocks a variety of quality car brakes, brake pads, brake discs and brake equipment. Eliminate your concerns and avoid potentially expensive repairs further down the track by having your brake system checked at regular intervals with your local BestDrive store.

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