Log Book Servicing

Your Log Book services don’t have to be conducted by your vehicle manufacturer’s service centre to maintain your warranty - you have a choice!

At BestDrive, our qualified technicians will do all the necessary log book checks and repairs to ensure that your vehicle is serviced to the highest standard. We use only the most up to date mechanical equipment and technology to do this.

A log book service is a comprehensive service. It involves checking and, where required, replacing certain components and fluids on your vehicle. It is also a useful way to monitor and effectively record the services performed on your vehicle, for both warranty and resale benefits.

Typically, your vehicle should be serviced every six months or 10 000 kilometers, whichever comes first, or as recommended by the manufacturer. Working to the manufacturer’s specific guidelines for your vehicle’s make and model, our qualified mechanics will do all the necessary checks and repairs to ensure that your vehicle remains in good condition.

Log Books at BestDrive

Effectively completing log book services on time, can work to avoid expensive and unnecessary repairs further down the track. Regular services can save you money in the long run and extend the life, and potentially the value, of your vehicle when it comes time to on-sell.

If your vehicle is due for a log book service, contact your nearest BestDrive store. Our qualified technicians deliver high quality services, carried out the way that your vehicle manufacturer’s intended.

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