If you’re looking for the most reliable inflation solution for your new tyres, Nitrogen Inflation is what you’re after. At BestDrive stores, we are happy to be able to offer this service to our customers.

It is fairly common practice for heavy commercial vehicles, aircraft and racing cars to use pure nitrogen for tyre inflation. For the everyday driver however, using nitrogen gas to fill a passenger vehicle’s tyres is a relatively new practice.

Nitrogen disperses three to four times slower than compressed air. It is largely because of this, that a tyre inflated with pure nitrogen has numerous benefits:

Increased tyre performance

When correct tyre pressure is maintained, a pure nitrogen filled tyre assists in maintaining the correct pressure for longer. This is because nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules, making them more resistant to leaking. Therefore, pressurised nitrogen stays inside a tyre longer, unlike oxygen, which escapes more readily over time. Correct tyre pressure improves the performance, durability and contributes to the overall fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Nitrogen at BestDrive

Greater tyre life

As an inert gas, Nitrogen is non-reactive and property free. This means that there is minimal moisture content, making oxidation less likely to occur. Water (moisture content) inside a tyre can cause internal corrosion. It can also affect the pressure of a tyre with changes in temperature. A cooler running tyre slows the rate at which a tyre wears, therefore increasing the overall life of the tyre.

To experience the associated benefits of nitrogen filled tyres, you must continue to fill them exclusively with pure nitrogen. Remember, that whilst nitrogen takes longer to escape a tyre, using it does not eliminate the need to regularly check your tyre pressure.

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