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High levels of driving stability, control, responsiveness, enjoyment and safety for high-performance SUVs.

For sporty SUVs.

  • Short braking distances and high cornering stability with high levels of safety reserves, which provide outstanding handling for an enjoyable ride.

  • Improved fuel economy thanks to an advanced silica tread compound which reduces rolling resistance without compromising grip and performance.

  • Safe and confident drive on wet roads due to the inner tread blocks featuring an open groove system which helps to resist aquaplaning.

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  • Short braking distances and high cornering stability.

    In case of an increased load, the tire's contact with the ground widens, resulting in short braking distances and excellent cornering stability.

    Safety reserves for outstanding handling and fun at the wheel.

    By linking together certain elements, the tire achieves steering precision and optimum traction for fun driving.

    Low rolling resistance and excellent grip.

    A special compound used within the tire ensures excellent grip and low rolling resistance.

    Auto Bild allrad Logo

    Auto Bild allrad

    In their April issue, Auto Bild Allrad (D) has published the 4x4 Summer Tire Test. The tested tire size was 215/65 R16 H/V, test vehicle a VW Tiguan.

    The test was conducted by Auto Bild Allrad
    - on the Contidrom, Jeversen, Germany (wet tests) and
    - on Goodyear's proving ground in USA / San Angelo (all other tests).

    Rating for the CrossContact® UHP: "recommended"

    About the Continental CrossContact® UHP

    + very short stopping distances especially in the wet
    + amazing good traction on grass and mud
    - average hydroplaning performance
    - noise performance
    - Price

    Gute Fahrt Logo

    Gute Fahrt

    In issue 3/2014, Gute Fahrt (D) has published the SUV Summer Tire Test 2014. The tire size was 235/55 R17, test vehicle a VW Tiguan.

    Rating for the CrossContact® UHP: "very good - (Testwinner)"

    About the Continental CrossContact® UHP

    + shortest stopping distance on wet and dry
    + good wet and dry handling performance
    + good rolling resistance performance
    + good comfort and noise
    - weak in hydroplaning

    Auto Bild allrad Logo

    Auto Bild allrad

    In the current issue, Auto Bild Allrad (D) has published the 4x4 Summer Tire Test 2013.  The test size is 235/65 R17 V, test vehicle Audi Q5.

    Rating for the CrossContact® UHP: "highly recommended" (1st place)

    About the Continental CrossContact® UHP

    + shortest stopping distance on wet surface
    + shortest stopping distance on dry surface
    + precise handling
    + off road performance
    - noise
    - comfort
    - average in curve aquaplaning

    ADAC (D) / OEAMTC (AT) / TCS (CH) Logo

    ADAC (D) / OEAMTC (AT) / TCS (CH)

    The Automotive Clubs ADAC (D) / OEAMTC (AT) / TCS (CH) have published the Summer Tire Test 2012 on their homepages ( / / Test size was 215/65 R16 H.

    Rating for the ContiCrossContact® UHP: "good" (1st place)

    About the tire:
    + very balanced tire
    + especially good on wet

    Auto Zeitung Logo

    Auto Zeitung

    Auto Zeitung (issue 15/2011) has published the SUV-Summer tire test 2011. The ContiCrossContact UHP again achieved the best result "test winner". Test dimension was 235/60 R18 W on a Audi Q5.

    Overall rating for the ContiCrossContact® UHP: "Testsieger" (Test winner)

    About the tire:

    + Best Offroad-performance
    + Best in wet braking
    + Best overall performance on wet road
    +/- Average aquaplaning performance
    +/- Acceptable rolling resistance
    - High rolling noise

    AutoExpress Logo


    In the current issue (Oct. 21), AutoExpress (UK) published the results of its SUV tires test. Test size was 235/55 R17 H/V/W.
    Test vehicle was a Toyota RAV4.

    Rating for the CrossContact® UHP: "Rank 2"

    About the Continental CrossContact® UHP

    + consistant performance in all areas
    + best in wet and dry braking
    + most quiet ride of all off-roaders
    + sharp and accurate dry handling
    + best choice on gravel

    From the "Verdict":
    "Never we had a tire test that has been so close. Any of the top three will do an excellent job on your car, and drivers can confidently choose a tire based on individual strength in the knowledge that they are solid all-round performers."

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    SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
    235/60R18107W XL AO
    255/55R18109W XL
    SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
    235/55R19105W XL LR
    255/55R19111H XL
    265/50R19110Y XL
    285/45R19107W MO
    SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
    245/45R20103W XL LR
    265/50R20111V XL
    275/40R20106Y XL LR
    275/45R20110W XL
    275/50R20109W MO
    SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
    265/40R21105Y XL MO
    295/35R21107Y XL MO
    295/35R21107Y XL N0

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